By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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Locating Sochi to embrace the meetings that Astana was accustomed to host, was not merely a change in form and approach, but rather a political preparation for what was to come, as a natural introduction to changes in content that were limited to the role of Astana platform, where nine rounds were logically enough to be considered as an active platform for which it was established. By direct characterization, it was able to do enough to inform field developments that upset many equations and withdrew what were still in the circulation.

In this context, it is important that Sochi be qualified, by experience, to embrace the variables and to add to them politically, and to deepen the qualitative separating distance that distinguishes them from other platforms, though this necessarily requires them to remain governed until the moment to reach more consistent outputs with field adjustments and political approaches, which imposed themselves in terms of the conditions in which they arose, and was at the stage of maturity of ideas and approaches, while options revealing some roles that were overshadowed by ambiguity to obscure the political sides they represent.
The Turkish hole is still representing one of the flaws that were surrounding Astana with its various rounds. It was the point of weakness the Turkish guarantees suffer. That hole seems to be of different aspects subjected to bargains that are still representing the Turkish option until the moment. The Turkish participation in Sochi will be ultimately subjected to calculations and equations of the relationship with America, where Turkey provides its offers according to the available opportunity. It won’t hesitate to dive away from the offered tracks when America points, or when it accepts it as a party in the American bargaining, especially as all of the ways leading to the north !!.
As such, Sochi has passed the testing phase and becomes at a crossroads, which will draw perfectly the features of the coming stage according to the previous hard tests, providing a clear example that the political will, when it is available, it can follow the right path despite the roughness of the road and the misty scene with the ambiguity of the goal added to the difficulty of reaching outputs capable to make the required difference in extremely complex circumstances and very serious challenges.
But this does not mean, in any way, that Sochi or others, are far away from what is drawn in the parallel rooms on multiple fronts, especially when the existing paths assume the will that was represented in more than one place, but it remains subjected to many of the anxieties resulting from the Turkish role and the position of the head of its regime, where his white card he announced is full of black lines, suffering from a lot of lies that are looking for ways to make his regime avoid the rebounds and concussions resulting from the accumulation of long years of the relationship with the terrorist organizations, and most recently, what was recognized by the White Helmets terrorist about the role of Turkish president and his intelligence in its foundation and definition of its tasks supported at the same time by the American increased ambiguous role after rejecting to participate in Sochi.
What is calculated for Russian diplomacy is that it accumulated from its list of successful approaches, and was able to walk in the most complicated scenes on the field and politically. However, today, it is forced to define a number of points that are still lost and tossed by guesses, headed by the next destination to whom rejects the compromise or doesn't accept understandings. Can the Turkish regime digest the final fate of them?, or is it before the moment that precedes the terrorist explosion in the face of its maker and protector, sponsor, and supporter?. The answers remain subjected to determinations and headlines for which Sochi will be forced to provide answers, or at least, in the circulation of what is available of them, in preparation for the next, including the features of the way to the north.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf