By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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At the time while Russia was warning about the danger of the American steps in the east of Syria, America was waging more dangerous organized and deliberate targeting of units of the Syrian Arab Army in the vicinity of the Sokhna, aiming to re-shuffle the cards after the American options reached a stalemate, facing obstacles that push it to the neck of the bottle. At the said time, the US coordinator was calling on the small group - as the US administration called it - to discuss roles and functional tasks in the light of the frequent developments, from which, in direct reading, appear to go against what the American winds covet.
American aggression cannot be explained without taking into account these developments, and understanding the limits of space and pugnacity of the US plan, which is being modified in the light of what happened of the deliberations in the functional tasks of the tools that were moving according to apparently contradicted agendas, but remained accurate in content, as not final outcome of the rhythm promoted by the US administration on the impact of what's raising of speculations about emerging priorities about the US agenda of accounts.
The attempts to blow the mini-groups and their timing come in the context of the US embarrassment of the weakness of controlling threads of what is going on, and to respond to accusations of weak choices promoted by the US administration, and they may be in the framework of escape forward from the confrontation with the US Congress about its relationship with Saudi Arabia, and the bad justifications and excuses that sometimes seemed uglier than the guilt of the suspicious relationship itself.
It is clear that the American aggressive move is not outside of the US-Turkish accord, nor far from the order of priorities, considering that the impasse is facing the Turkish regime meeting with the American in the stalemates that turn in the context of the objective approach into a complex crisis, pushing Turkey to reconsider the understandings on de- escalation zones, and to fail to implement its commitments signed with the Russian side.
This matter is like a space for the American and Turkish together to re-insert additional points of confrontation and fabricate battles to distract the focus from what is happening in Idlib and de-escalation zones, and preoccupation with the repercussions of the American aggression to hide what America is doing of aggressive practices accompanied with talks about mobilization of Erdogan mercenaries, reflected by the preparations for the use of 100 chemicals loaded drones donated by the British and French expertise to use them.
Despite there is no American justifications for the motives and pretexts of the aggression, it does not mean the absence of associated explanations, and does not preclude awareness of the reasons and motives behind them, as the American pragmatism that was used «Da'esh» as a source of its claims and defamations, which haven't found until this moment what can be leaned on to ease the severity of its political increased stalemates, though it will not hesitate to search in its old cards and trying to beat a dead horse looking a time to share with the Turkish the gestures of the remaining shadow roles, to ultimately disclose its ugly face by a aggression it practices and attacks it wages to compensate for what it fails to get by terrorism, prevarication, procrastination and deception.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf