By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The Turkish regime mobilizes its West and East bargaining cards. Its political craziness reaches its peak, while its threats and intimidations reflects its dire situation. There is a hint of opening doors to its mercenaries and terrorists to move to Europe, which has become the most widely used scarecrow for its political blackmail amid a sharp contrast in the European approaches, which seemed more reckless in dealing with the Turkish bargaining.

The bottleneck pressing on the Turkish regime often making it losing its ability to differentiate between Turkish interests and the obligations that exceed its capacity and turn into a scene of the political dilemmas in which it engages itself, as evidenced by the fact that many of the commitments made by it, ended in disaster and burden that weighs heavily on Erdogan's regime while opening up doors that he has already paid an expensive price to close them. Perhaps in some cases, he is still unable to bridge the gaps, and the most dangerous is that some of them are practically impossible to be bridged.
The terrorist cards that were the balance point, which both his allies and opponents bargained, appeared to be the most difficult card used against him. This has become the most circulated point of weakness in politics and diplomacy and has become a concern for Turkish options. They became like a nightmare for most of the Europeans using the phobia of the refugees as a path or a transit point for the return of thousands of terrorists whom Erdogan exaggerated to welcome and fatten them so they became the most widely used card in political bargaining.
The certain defeat of the terrorists in Idlib raised the Western cries in general, as they are the last in the western quagmire, in a desperate attempt to knock the drums of craziness and threaten of aggression before accepting the collapse of the project of the use of terrorism, while Turkey finds a double impasse where the dilemma is not only in the collapse of the terrorist project, but in the consequences of the collapse, which he will pay for it an expensive price that may reaches the limits of political collapse. This has created a common ground for the compatibility with the Europeans having the same concerns, so he recalls the same pretexts and draws the scenario of aggression and its models in the same way, even if there were different Political repercussions and prices based on roles and functions.
The double clamor resulting from the hasty and divergent readings is trying to impose its rhythm in the context of the hectic attempt to mix the cards as evidenced by the continued questioning and deliberated leaks besides the exaggerated threats and intimidations that the Western official media discourse is representing. In some of its parts, it is an additional context for the export of crises and a method for supplying the confused speech, which collides with the sharp difference in the priorities of the Western alliances, and the relations between the originals of the terrorist war and its American authorized agents. So, the difference here is confined to the mercenaries, whom remain as a reserve fuel for any adventure, and a paper in which the flames of exchanged suspicion fired.
At the same time, Erdogan's buzzing remains as the dominant one. It is witnessing unprecedented episodes of cheap extortion and vulgar bargaining in the east and the west, in the north and the south, where he sees a lonely way to alleviate its predicament and swelling illusion since the bottleneck is no longer indicating to temporary obstruction as long as it has become a chronic one that reaches the Turkish regime and its options, determining its political future and perhaps its fate .. !!
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf