By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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It wasn't by chance, the talk of Minister Lavrov about impatience for the situation in Idlib, which is no longer tolerable. It was neither pardoned nor came in the context of conclusion or analysis, as it skillfully painted political and diplomatic features of the next stage in terms of the decisiveness in combating terrorism, which needs to complete its vocabularies in the light of the situation suffered by Idlib, and which was causing sufferance for many areas and cities in Syria before the eradication of terrorism according to equations that the field was determining its different direction and coordinates.

The Russian talk here is not limited to the political or military dimension, but it includes various aspects, since the survival of terrorism in Idlib affects the entire process and poses a clear threat to regional and international security and peace, whether directly linked or required to be a context through which the simulation of reality to the post-phase of the eradication of terrorism. It is a motive to test the seriousness of the options by a message, which is perhaps the most obvious one saying that dealing with the situation as it is going on, is no longer possible or available.
The question of the separation between ordinary gunmen and terrorists has returned to be a puzzle, especially with hysterical attempts to bring things back to the first square, which has become behind us in Syria as it is to our allies and friends. This matter arranges calculations and equations that require at minimum to dot the i's and cross the t's in the matter that was of multi aspects, which were used, over the past years, by the US for procrastination and by Turkey for dodging, though that the American ultimately recognizes it as a fantasy, but the Turkish is still betting on time and counting on using it to avoid facing the bitter truth that the separation he seeks will only lead to the place to which was preceded by the American, years ago.
The Russian impatience expressed by Mr. Lavrov has a clear legitimacy, because the long experience has reached areas that no longer tolerate half-solutions or partial approaches that are intended to be dually interpretable. This matter clearly explains the limits that the Turkish regime is trying to maneuver in order to delay the process of resolution, and betting on shuffling the cards, or, at the minimum, searching for additional excuses to rearrange the trends and accounts that intersect with the American attempt waving of aggression, and deliberated leaks about the Israeli-American meetings to establish a bank of targets not far from the Turkish eye or its context of its bet on the last minute
The expected tripartite summit in Tehran gathering three of the guarantors may be an opportunity to boost the remaining field coordinates. However, there is no guarantee on the ground that this waiting will dictate its equations on the reality of the field. There is nobody can make sure about timing, especially since that the Russian message is enough to read between its lines. When the political patience is running out, the finger will precede it to the trigger, as it is the only authorized and practically qualified one to set the exact appointments and to draw the calendar of events and developments, where the timing has always been subjected to the rhythm of the field. The others come into the context of bargaining to improve conditions or begging a seat, which is betting on, is in vain .. !!
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf