By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The line between blackmail and the threat of aggression is almost fading amid mysteries and puzzles, which the US administration insists every time to resort to the same crude approach, depending on bargain as a logic of cheap blackmail through which it mimics the context, which its goals cannot be justified, whether in content or need to go further in an attempt to generalize wrongly the handling with the region and beyond, at a time when the extent of the American impasse is no secret, which translates the urgency of compensation in the stoppage time .

Trump administration is trying to circulate its dealing rules on a basis that it has already tried to be, up till the moment and according to the accumulation of the American experience and its standards, able to promote its blackmail policy, and sometimes even exceeded expectations, as it has not believe that the response of the sheikhdoms would be so shocking when it added to the American demands from outside the text. This matter has withdrawn on the Europeans, whom despite the raised noise did not come out, until the moment, from the cloak of American hegemony and the current situation of the European weakness and inability to have the will of initiative.
Generalization of experience on the rest of the remaining of the world did not have the same share, but in some of them, it was leading to the opposite results. Yet, some heated heads in the US administration are still betting on the factor of time sometimes, and on the policy of intimidation at other times, to achieve what they were unable to compromise and cheaply blackmail. Some of the staff of the US administration exaggerated in ignoring the fact that what is right in dealing with US tools and followers, do not fit to be a model to deal with the rest of the world, despite the series of experiences in which the US have repeatedly tried the threat of aggression up to blackmail and bargain.
This time, the Western colonial countries sharpened their list of old ambitions. Some of them rushed to beat the drums of war using a wave of intimidation and threats with swollen lies, signaling a new phase of escalation or a round of warming hoping to mimic the group of devils who used to hide behind the America's pockets and under its arm by which it is threatening of aggression, in a scene that may require much explanation, but cannot be interpreted, though it is difficult, until the moment, to absolutely make sure of the options of the US intentions, since it is engaged in internal conflicts using the agendas of the foreign issues.
America used to raise ceilings when it wanted to bargain for a price that it would not reach. What it could not do by terrorism, it would not get by threats or intimidation or blackmail. If it reaches where it wants in dealing with followers, tools and mercenaries, confrontation will take different path with wills and open fronts to conflict in which alignments and confrontations will take different context. The current confrontations between the sponsors and producers of terrorism, and between the counter-terrorists, make the approach different than which is marketed by Washington, and the rules of engagement other than those they seek, while the policy of leaks of the rumors about offers is just a desperate end, which takes always the US policy to deadlock, where bargaining here is not only a red line, but thinking of it may be a kind of hysteria behind which pens and tales of functional agendas rush while they are outside the margin most of the time.. !!
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf