By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The French president was not in need for the American invitation to participate in drumming bullying drums, so that he can show his willingness and enthusiasm for aggression that may reconnect broken lines of the French-American relationship and what may extinguished of brilliance as a result of the stormy differences that brought Europe into the corridors of confrontation with America, where the hidden conflicts seem to be meaningless, as long as they are titillating the French colonial ambitions, and telling the French message: that the dispute and even the trade war will never spoil the relation of the existing ambitions nor disturb the appetite of aggression.

The American, who evokes the chemical incantation from the depths of his secret vaults pushing it to the political swollen scene, is engulfing in the hegemony about which the French has repeatedly complained, to come back and expresses his understanding of the concerns of the American tortuous and interpretable practices in a pattern of successive uncertainties. The political futility can be a key title of these American practices, which is unable sometimes to provide a single explanation for the return of the American messing in the remnants of chaos, ruin, and slipping into more reckless alignments, except in the context of the political inability, which touches various fronts of the American administration's work locally and externally.
The most dangerous in Trump's administration's standards, is that tampering including the chemical "incantation" is always suitable for every time, and whenever it were necessary to remind of its military's arms preparing to practice its recklessness and aggression, though it is the most obvious indicator of the US administration's access to the deadlock in its basic and alternative options, while its plight is deepening so it can't be addressed without functional surgeries. So, the search for fronts of confrontation to export its crisis from them, or trying to play on the factor of time, until the change of the equations, whether inside or outside, in a message that it may be directed to its adversaries at home saying that it could gather the French, British and German when it wants.
In this overlapping and complex scene, the US administration is trying to repeat the chemical story despite its blatant flaws, which have become a pretext for those who cannot find a pretext, and a lie for whom can't fabricate a new lie, especially since the data, circumstances and climate are against the American direction. Also, they can't be adopted for reasons related to the suspicious intelligence role, which produces and fabricates the scenes according to the Hollywood way, accompanied by endless lies manufactured by Britain and America, proven by that the terrorist white helmets, which was the only authorized side in the stories of chemical fabrication, coming back despite the reveal of its fabrications, with the relationship of the Western aggressive Trinity and its regional counterpart represented by Israel, Turkey and Jordan.
The US administration is trying to produce, by Bolton, what is seemed similar in its impudence to the context of the product itself, starting from the top of the pyramid represented by Trump but not to end with his team trying to fix things around him, so he can find any justification to delay his domestic crisis, while the sponsors of the terrorist organizations show their worries and fears that the American thinking would be to recycle the remaining waste from the expired tools after he neglected them repeatedly, to keep them as a fuel in his wars, and a tool for his greed, that he will not hesitate to throw them at the first trash can. This is withdrawn on the original and agent with those who fancy that he is an ally, while the situation shows that he is just a humble follower.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf