By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The Israeli Knesset's approval of the Zionist racist law revealed an additional chapter of the violation on the history by its civilizational dimension and human face, in a formula seems to be deliberate in an intended situation particularly as it was subjected to a series of compromises that led to the re-emergence of the American situation starting from the aggressive desire, which colors the vocabularies used in its formulation and controls its political and legal outcomes.
The Israeli racist law was not only an anomaly in international law, but also in political tradition, because of its paradoxical and strange justification of legislation, especially when combined with a series of racist justifications, which are the main bases of the controversial law even within Israel, fearing repercussions that impose a curtain of racism and forced isolation of the Zionist presence in the occupied Palestine, which is a presumption of the racist goals and targets of the entity, which is determined by this act to swell the abnormal racist situation framed by legislative context.
The Israeli politically discredited action - as it was legally rejected - was the nucleus on which the components of racial thought were formed. Its first formulation was an attempt to take advantage of the excess chaos on the world scene, against the background of the American formulation of wars that spread chaos through tools and mercenaries, who were a colored headline that is to be politically adopted despite the need for over-use by multiple faces, and according to political behavior derived from the actual components of the American understanding of the relationship with the others, which witnessed sick effects through which they wanted Israel to produce a blind tradition of the United States in the uniqueness and the use of the American surplus power in forming the international and regional scene.
The whole point was through the American gate to find a platform for a racist banquet that is full of evidences proving that the recipe is an American one. Israel practices this racism through procedures based on the open spaces offered by the US zigzag policy besides the sidelines through which it dared to defy the Palestinian cause. The first was the decision to transfer the US Embassy to the occupied Jerusalem, and the following additional margins with secret and public chats about the deal of the century, as it is the conclusion promoted by the US administration to Judaize the remainder of the Palestinian issue, and to close the file with a range of paralleled deals required by the final arrangements, and the distribution of the functional roles of the US instruments accordingly.
Israeli racism, whether by law or without law, did not add to the political balance what could change the reality of the approach, where Israel will remain an occupier according to the history, law and humanity. The Palestinian right will remain intractable in all of the deals. The certain evidence is what is happening in the region, where the maps prepared by America for the region appear in its practical coordinates, which turned upside down, and at the minimum, seemed to be unlike that came out of the drawers of the US intelligence, and the tools that have declared publicly their faded enthusiasm to the relationship with the Israeli after the scenes made by the battle of the South, as a presumption and evidence to the difference it has made and the next will be perhaps more obvious.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf