By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The US Administration insists on stirring up the political whirlwinds that reflect, by frequent messages, the apparent rush to increase the complexities of the regional scene, whether there were reasons, or in an urgent attempts to fill the political vacuum created by the US faltering performance towards the issues of the region with the failure of the tools to wage the proxy battles, especially when the approaches related to the American position outside the context of the real simulation of reality, and far from the desire to understand the results .. !!
At the very least, this is what can be inferred from the rolling escalating developments in the American positions in the light of the talk about new appointments to follow up the files in the region, in addition to the latest statements about the American unwelcomed presence, whether in Syria or that related to stay in Iraq, up to the extensions that are related to other margins linked to the American sphere of influence outside the scenes of direct occupation, or illegal presence, and not to end with the latest Saudi sins by providing additional millions to the American aggressive alliance on Syrian territory from the perspective of marketing the American rude blackmail, despite what has been known about the exacerbated predicament, and the accumulated errors of betting on the US.
The most dangerous is what is happening in the circles close to the American administration, which recognizes that what is going on will neither change reality nor modify the final outcome. They are accompanied by a long list of compelling evidences of the futility of the administration as a propaganda that bears cheap blackmail more than intensions to change the type of the American behavior added to a group of indicators that are overshadowed by the poor choices made by Trump administration, where Saudi sponsorship to shoulder the costs of the continuation of the US coalition will never contribute to lessen errors or the space of the refused legalization that the dubious alliance commits as much as it will add more features of failure in more than one direction.
The American language used to re-evaluate its positions or to renew its conditions and requirements of despicable blackmail, runs in the same orbit by which it trades in political issues. The phase, in which the Us has moved away for some time or its influence has declined, is undeniable. It was uneasy to be ignored, because its return to talk about the appointment of new envoys and the approach that were included in the American messages suggests that the next stage will bring more American factors of chaos that has already been paid, while the American tools, especially Saudi Arabia, are sinking into the illusion by which it has always traded over and over again.
The basic variable remains that Saudi Arabia's humiliating response to American blackmail with its repeated provocations and its parallel stumbling labor, has come in the stoppage time. The attempt here is nothing more than to fend off the inevitable future evil, or at best to postpone the moment of break that Trump has always spoken using the language of fencing. Saudi deeds, in which the choices have been eroded - even the wrong ones - find themselves confronted with the failure and the US blackmail, at a time when America does not hide its latent intentions to stir more storms on plans to end where the Trump Department began endorse, headed by preparing the regional scene for more dramatic variables in which the field proceeds remain as the only valid password until the a notification that will be listed in the minutes of the US urgent messages.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf