By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The meetings broke out in Sochi. Delegations packed up their bags after giving their own reading, waiting for the undeclared details in the final statement, or rather until the official engagement with the outcomes of Sochi appeared in a round that was tending to be cautiously positive under the light of the previous experiences to remain subjected to the implementation of what has been agreed upon. In the political and non-political translation, which is usually the arena for the emergence of disparities and the emergence of differences on what is agreed upon.

Until then, field affairs seem to be largely unaffected by politics' outcomes, or at least uncontrolled by its harmony because of the nature of the overlapping and complicated details of the scene, where politics will eventually have to adapt to the data of the field before anything else, where attention, analyses, eyes and conclusions are concentrated, started and end in Idlib, especially with the presence of Sochi outputs in the field developments, and what they mean.
The Turkish complex in front of the saw of solutions, ideas and even plans, is still the whole point in all accounts and readings because of the perception that the Turkish regime exercises the excess of hypocrisy wherever it is resolved and how it turned, and in any approach it provides. It is like the weak point in areas of the escalation, it seems to gradually turns into a chronic dilemma in understanding the outcomes of its statement, at a time when it does not hesitate to show the maximum of its ambitions and greed as it is desperately searching for the features of its presence and what it cannot bring, it authorizes its mercenaries and terrorists to do.
The problem is not in the slogans and talk about the desire to fight terrorism. It is, also, not in specifying marathon sessions to talk about, nor in signing final statements or false introductions, but in the context of the composition of the Turkish regime, which bet on the terrorist factor to get a seat around the political table. The problem is not in re-distributing Tarabeesh to bad or not bad, moderate or even extremist terrorism, but in terrorism as a whole. The facts have proved that it is of one nature and one source and a repeated scene in a single format, even if there are different operators, investors, financiers or sponsors.
Idlib today in front of the scene that has been repeated despite the difference in the circumstance and wave of terrorism and the frequencies that drives it, or the agendas that are running, at a time when the Syrian Arab Army was celebrating the anniversary of its foundation, and its achievements on the ground tell its eternal story. It will not take a long time to see what is similar to what we have seen in other areas with the difference shutting the open gates of terrorist wishes in a form that casts doubt on certainty, which ends the last of the scenarios that paint the Sultan's dreams and deprive him from his terrorist tools on which he has long been proud to bet.
What is more important is that the Syrian message was clear from the beginning that there is no place for the terrorists in any place. Also, there is no place for their sponsors or those who bet on them. They will have no role and there is no table or seat for them even if some have swelling desires or fancies. It is settled that they will pay the price, no matter how long it will take. The hectic attempts to wash their hands from the sins of the terrorism will not work here nor in other places, especially for those who depend on the role and the location and "good" neighborhood with the terrorists. The situation of the partners of the other terrorists will not be better. All the roads today lead to Idlib since it is the destination from the south and north, and from the south of the south with its middle, as it is the case with the north of the north and its center, and from the west to the east ..!!
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf