By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The horrific atrocity committed by the terrorist organization in Swaida was not outside the context of the Israeli recklessness, and its desperate attempt to defend the members of the terrorist organization against the strikes of the Syrian Arab army. It cannot be far from the American light and its various gradations, since it committed its crimes with the protection of the Americans in Tanf and other spots, where the start signal that the organization waited to adopt its terrible terror against the people and the civilians.
It is clear that the Israeli move, which came in coordination with the US to launch a new phase of the aggression, where Da'esh, this time, was the joint arm of the Americans and Israelis, looking for new excuses, especially after the organization of Nusra becomes outside any ability to invest in it, particularly after unveiling the crime of smuggling its propaganda and media arm, which is called White Helmets, with Western and international collusion and full patronage of Israel. So, it was necessary to find a way to compensate for this vacuum by re-blowing this organization to re-produce itself, even if by the very terrorist way.
The paradox here is that Da'esh, which was a self-contained case in the terrorist project "its discarded part," has become a state to renew the terrorist targeting scene, from the base that allows the Americans and Israelis to reproduce the margin after lacking the merit of ability to hold the stick from the middle, as it is used to do for long years. Thus, it has become depending on the stick of Da'esh itself using its sword. The most terrible thing is that it protects and defends it when its state of bankruptcy requires protection, and when its collapse requires direct intervention, as Israel did in its latest aggression.
The difference here is not in the comparison about its necessity, nor in understanding the differences and compatibility of its importance ... but in the terrorist outcome, which makes the political practice and aggressive messages as a part of the untold understandings between Da'esh and Israel, and «good neighborliness», which allowed this organization to enjoy the Israeli protection and help as it was the case with Nusra front and the story of the long gregariousness between them, up to match the goals and agendas on the list of the American ambitions in the context of the dirty game on which it is living, where Da'esh has become a postman for the American and Israeli bloody messages despite the absolute fact that the Israeli direct intervention to stop its collapse will not prevent its eradication, but it will hasten its inevitable end and the hour at which the sufferings of the Syrians will end with the atrocities of its crimes. Da'esh by its Israeli issue and American arm is another cloning to what was before, whether it were imported from the agents or cloned from the original, the eradication will be its final destiny.
The scene of confrontation of terrorism and its supporters, manifested in the best form of cohesion between the parents of the Swaida and the Syrian Arab Army, proved that the fate of this terrorism will not be different from the fate of the preceded ones of abhorrent terrorism. Swaida will remain in the hearts of the Syrians, who used to it as a solid city that can get rid of the terrorism and defeats its goals and objectives. Swaida, as all Syrians, perceives that this savagery is an evidence to the defeat of terrorism proving the inability of its operators and sponsors, whether old or new ..!!
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf