By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem

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The international relations have never reached the limit they have reached nowadays. They haven't witnessed what is going on in the context of approaches that seem inherently contradicted with the spirit of collective action and incompatible with the concept of international cooperation, especially in the light of the American dealing that increases the chaos in these relations with unprecedented practices by President Trump personally, and at the level of collective performance of the US current administration, which has accumulated the fallacies that are deliberately provocative to the allies as adversaries, making it impossible to rely on any event including the US-Korea summit, which may turn upside down at any moment.

In principle, no American administration has ever dealt to this absolute hostility, whether it is related to the position towards the whole international issues or to bilateral relations with all of the countries of the world. There is no region, state or international treaty from the problematic resulted from the American behavior. This is applied also on of bilateral features, as it is with the agreements of international nature. This matter raises a number of central questions about the course of the international relations and the limits of chaos resulting from the American behavior and the reasons and motives behind these practices, which recall the legacy of the American cowboy mentality.

In response to these questions, there is a concentrated talk about an American clear approach to the use of American surplus power, which some of the most mighty officials of the US administration believes that this surplus does not have a lot of time .. It does not have enough time due to the increased pressure from the emerging powers on the international scene and the emergence of centers polarizing power making a direct threat to the US unilateralism in the international resolution. It is imperative to quickly take advantage of surplus power output, at least, delaying the fall of uni-polarity, and to a certain extent, the multiplicity of poles that practically directing to policy more than any other areas.

The US administration relies on the huge gap it has in terms of global military spending, which is nearly ten times more than the nearest competitor in this area. This is added to another gap, which is not less than it in the shares of America's contribution to the global economy compared to other countries, which is according to explanations of the war crew within the administration of President Trump, is enough to use the surplus of it militarily, economically and politically, and perhaps to use it in the face of accelerated attempts to lessen the American sway.

This reality is not the product of the moment and it is not the product of Trump administration. It has formed by accumulations over years and decades. The surplus of the American power has been more clear in the past than it is at present, yet what is being traded on the American scale reflects to a large extent, the vision of a team that naturally tends to confrontation, isolating itself and trying to isolate America. The results of which emerged clearly in the Security Council when America was alone in rejection and support, which did not happen for long decades, and which was a failure for the American diplomacy, the same as it is the case with the military failure which it faces in the proxy wars which it has been authorized tools that were a burden on the American performance more than being helpful.

So, clashes created by President Trump in the G7 summit and which may be repeated with Pyongyang and before it with the nuclear deal. These clashes opened the door to chaos in the international relations, opening up a deeper debate about the US future role, starting from the scene of the continuous corrosion of the American credibility and its coming evidences from every side to eventually reach to provide answers to the pending questions that America is facing bankruptcy beyond the limits of surplus power, which has become a burden on the Americans and politicians more than being a card of strength, especially when its usage is reckless by the administration and its leading team of heat heads.

The world is facing an American hot season and waiting for scorching scenes of confrontation. The chaos run by the US administrations in the region seem to be an option to be generalized in the world, but the difference is that if it succeeded to run chaos and devastation in the region for years, it comes back today to get the fruits of the scenes of its failure in different areas. It is most serious that it leads the world to the position of its chronic disability, from the point of losing and profitable deals. When the chaos of the American cowboy is generalized, everyone loses headed by America, where the deals do not benefit, the surplus of power through which it wants to tame the world, and summits, either succeeded or failed, cannot be relied upon... !!

Translated by Amal Suleiman M'rouf