By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The repercussions of the American withdrawal from the nuclear agreement are going on, pushing the ball of fire to roll amid political slopes and slippery meanders. The European rejection to this withdrawal has not been helpful. Also, they haven't been affected by the West and East objections, which have reached the UN platform, so its Secretary General expressed his concern like what his predecessor used to do. That's while the readings rolling down the same decline of diluted formulas in some aspects, up to threats and intimidations including what may be difficult to predict the prospects, especially in the shadow of the American political scene closer to more depressing drama than to anything else.

Despite the superior dependence on the position of the European trio, as it may be a scene that delays - at least - the complete collapse of the agreement, and, in principle, moderates the sharp backlashes generated by the American recklessness, the political logic and quiet reading of the European role and its effects make it difficult to imagine the possibility of playing the role of the firefighter of the American fires for a long time, where the American side was the solid mass of the agreement. Convincing the Americans of this agreement took more time and effort than all of the other countries together. In conclusion, the American side was like the specific gravity that its withdrawal makes the agreement loses many of its cards with current and future gains.
The most serious thing is that America, ultimately, did not withdraw to keep the agreement in place, at least, in its current form and even if it remains, it misses the role, influence and effectiveness. There is no guarantee that America will not play the role of the bomber of what remains of it. This will make it meaningless politically, legally and even virtually, especially since the Trump administration did not hide its desire and purpose of withdrawal, and started directly in the policy of bargaining on the amendment or framework of the new agreement. This matter seems to be difficult, especially in light of the exposure of the dimensions of what it hides in partnership with Europe, which its voices began to chime on the need to discuss adjustments that may satisfy America with what may be a new agreement under new conditions.
The whole range of possibilities seems to be of multi-aspects, starting with the European stay committed to the agreement, where the language of regret here does not provide any added value to the European position, which in its final outcome, is known to subject to the American dictates and to Washington's will. So, the American withdrawal and European remaining committed to the agreement makes it like a bad fabricated scene, where dividing roles is unveiled and cannot deceive the Iranians in any way.
This leads to the fact that the ball of fire here is not only growing, but the flames surrounding it are increasing, especially with all of the repercussions that put the region and the world in front of unforeseeable risks, under an Israeli ambuscade and Saudi enthusiasm to seize the opportunity to push the regional and perhaps international scene to confrontation leading to the edge of the abyss. There is no doubt that it will not miss this opportunity, and if it feels that any deal behind the door except the escalation, it will not hesitate to blow it up even if it bothered the US itself.
The Russian warning does not come from a vacuum. The international growing concern is not absurd, nor outside the context of what is expected, because of the crazy scenarios behind it, which do not only getting enough with taking the region to endless conflicts, planting more mobile explosive points on large areas of the region, but includes approaches that are built on the leaked alternatives prepared by Israel with Saudi kingdom to push the scene beyond the limits of arrogance and insolence by their dimensions and prospects in the light of expanding the space of playing with fire.
The rolling fireball did not stop and it is not about to do so, despite the condemning reactions, which are not enough to deter recklessness and foolishness, and do not provide any guarantee in the light of the rapid sliding of things towards confrontation in forms of varying possibilities, especially in light of fueling the factors of conflict and blowing into the ashes of inflamed embers. There are those who wait for the moment without hesitation to seize the opportunity. It has enough recklessness of evil that is preparing to surround the region and perhaps to go beyond its borders, where the confrontation, under these climates saturated with the factors of explosion, seems to be without ceilings and certainly beyond the limits.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf