By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The Syrian Arab Army is barely achieving a qualitative achievement on the ground, so that many media platforms and many political voices headed by strategic and non-strategic research centers are competing to promote the concept of understandings to which all achievements they assign, or at the very minimum -as they promote- their contribution in one way or another, or at least, affecting the method or manner, and there is a long list of parallel synonyms to it.

In the experiment, and over many years and in a series of long experience, these understandings were not exist but in the imagination of some, and were often closer to the wishes than reality. In a third model, they were just analyses and explanations for political and media consumption to save face, where emerged on the surface a number of problems to promote them on the basis that these understandings are the gate and incubator for all that resulted, so that some do not hesitate to build on them to read any development.
In the data, these understandings were not more than a virtual figure that was quickly refuted by field developments. Some of them complained about these developments, which were ahead them by a large distance, and were spending a lot of time and effort to catch up with them, where the field events were creating successive surprises, and some of them do not get only enough with turning up the political equations, but by formulating equations that mimic new developments and declaring their innocence from the previous deeds.
By these standards, what was attributed to what is promoted as «secret and public» understandings was one of the untold effects to justify, sometimes, and to invoke the difficulty of separating the storming developments on more than one direction, or a shallow interpretation of the indecisive events. But they were always far from the truth, and contradicted with the events, as evidence that the field work was not subject at any time to the calculation of those understandings, and various interactions were not able to adjust or to delay the progress of their course.
Most importantly, the "red lines" have been covered by developments in the field without any implications for these understandings, and have often been used to create new conditions that go beyond those lines and become forgotten with no repercussions that may show what may stop at or jumped over, where the field developments were the only measure to be taken and built on them, and others were just exaggerations and conclusions and analyses, and in the least cases, suspicions.
In addition, the general indicators did not tend to follow the trend at all, but almost assert that the limits and scope of the assumed understandings were completely invisible or not existed, and there is nothing to confirm them on the real ground, and that the maximum that can be achieved under these data, was to run the rules of engagement and managing them on the bases from outside of those understandings, where the Americans often were often turning a blind eye to those understandings because they were not prepared and not have the capacity for them. So, they were escaping from them forward by non-compliance sometimes, and by practicing direct aggression to help their mercenaries and terrorists, and for missing seriousness at other times.
On this basis, any understanding based on simple, clear and decisive rule, is the eradication of terrorism, and otherwise cannot be spent neither in politics nor in the field, and cannot be divided or cut, where the separation between the difference is clear. The only possible understanding is in the fight against terrorism, while belittling the achievements attained by the Syrian Arab Army or loading understandings what isn't included in them, has no place in the achieved steps, and surprising those who want to be surprised or who wish to synthesize a surprise, because this will, which we see in every spot of the Syrian territory, and in every confrontation with terrorism, remains as the standard.
The heresy of "understandings" will remain a flowage that will sweep many analyses and conclusions, throwing away many of the burning cards and plant some illusions that some would like to talk and argue about, while opposing and neglecting those who doubt them, but they remain as an assumption with no effect and wishes that mimic those illusions since what is attained and still by the Syrian Arab army with the support of allies is the only truth that cannot be doubted or misunderstood, whether they perceive that or understand it, and whether they accept it or not, since all of them are going to admit them even if after a while or after a long waiting.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf