ThawraOnLine - By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
Between the angles of the American tension and the opposite approaches of its functional tools that race across the margins of the regional scene, America chooses to be exposed without embarrassment and to move from one bank to another at the same moment, even though it were aware, because of the experience, of the impossibility to catch up, since these instruments and alliances haven't have the same ability to play the game Rotate the corners, and most of them lack the American flexibility that allows them to rotate in the four directions without adding any burdens in the real sense of the US policy, as much as an opportunity to invest in it, even if at the expense of allies as usual, or on the fate of the consuming tools as being existentially today in more than a scene in which America re-rotates its approach of events in the region and beyond

The task of catching up with the Americans seems to cost far more than the cost of moving away from it, but it is the political legacy that is burdened with subordination and dependency that compulsively forces the American panting in its rotation and in the rotation of the spaced and adjacent angles alike, even if it required cheap escapades at the edge of the abyss, to abandon the last thing in the quiver to remove the obsession of horror, where most of those chiefdoms and functional states that remained to bet on their existence through the role of Washington to coordinate or redefine according to its need.

What America needs exceeds the capacity of the sheikhdoms, whether under the cloak of contribution to dismantle and alleviate the Gulf rivalry, or in the context of experimentation in managing the crisis and re-fueling it whenever there is an opportunity to extinguish what ignited of it. The absorptive capacity of most of these sheikhdoms reaches its peak in political use, and some of them are betting on what is outside them, or relying on a new context in which Washington has to meet those needs, passing through the current round of the US Secretary of State, which rearranges the layout of the dwell of the remaining generous coming offers. The memorandum signed with the Qatari leadership on fighting terrorism as an added arm of bargaining at the time when the parties of the Gulf engagement realize that they are not outside of the circle drawn by the US policy.

In the same curve, the accumulations resulted from the policy of changing views in the regional landscape intersect, where the Russian-American understanding opens the door to arguments and sometimes initiatives that go far away beyond the distance between the witnesses of the miserable situation, and the search in the rubble of the American and Western project that is drawn in its depths, looking for a glimmer of hope that will not come at the end of the tunnel, which its edges are narrowing and its pressure increases on the dependents of that project, where the exaggeration of speculation, roles and pathological extensions in the naive promotion of future roles coincide with the context of the coercive situation facing the rest of the tools of the American project
The forthcoming end of ISIS and the fall of its history and its tours of existence with the gradual disappearance of the "missionary" speeches with the contracts of its survival to begin to think of its alternatives in the region. All of them leave the political path for many of these countries of the functional nature in the relationship with terrorism and its organizations in front of bitter questions that they have always tried to avoid addressing them or thinking about them, where the American who is looking for what keeps face water is not concerned about the fate of many of these roles or the formula that ensures their continuity or staying under the experimental work and the executive task of aspects of the American project or what remains of it, with what may be added to the formula of the American demagogy of troubles that make rotation of angles forced due to the difficulty of adaption and to the American scene of the truce and the impossibility to cope with the assumptions and conditions that may force the US to have an understanding with the Russian.

Media and political pump blowing vocabularies of that understanding amidst the American tension and the reversed approach of its followers may partly explain some of the swollen sick symptoms, but remains unable to understand this confusion and sometimes addition from outside of the text, loading with what is out of its capacity, and in others, to promote lies that mimic the wishes of some parties for the presentations made to the regional roles in that understanding, at a time when Israel was reluctant to express its displeasure about the prospects of Russian existence, as it may reveal the secrets of the Israeli relationship with the terrorist organizations, and about its representation of a stressful scene that limits the Israeli wishes and bets narrowing the margin on the Jordanian role jammed in corners in which it needs support and even help, and may be much more.

Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf