By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The head of the Turkish regime re-discover gunpowder ... !! When he announced that the terrorist organizations are trying or seeking to bring the war as he described it from Syria and Iraq to Turkey. This statement itself carries much more beyond the boundaries of space and significance at a time when regional and international approaches sounded to be in front of a turning point that may be the most severe and clearer one.

The talk of Erdogan is known by everyone, though he depended a different approach. It is a long time through which there is repeatedly been warning of rebounded terrorism that the terrorist organizations will never hesitate to target those who funded and sponsored them, but they will remain at the top of the list of their targets usually, when agendas and priorities changed or differentiated and when targets contradicted, even if partially or temporarily, where terrorism, which is always looking for the suitable climate and environment to be sponsored by, the best fertile ground in which they will activate will be the environment in which they grew up and trained, so we can be certain that what is prepared by Erdogan regime represents an ideal case for terrorism.

But on the other side, there are those who ask questions of who knows to assure that the head of the Turkish regime is not intended to recognize this fact, as far as he aimed at mystification and tried to suggest that he has become a target of terrorism, and that he is on the opposite bank or with the axis that fights terrorism and confronts it, offering what is seemed to be invalid credentials, and no one can be deceived by them after a long experience with him, and it cannot be marketed beyond the platform he set.
Clearly, Erdogan has an additional set of illusions through which he wants to waste time waiting variables he relies upon, particularly the arrival of the US next administration, which he supposes that it might be more understanding of those fantasies than its previous ones, and until that happens, he does not hesitate in taking advantage of what is going on including those relating to the future relation of his regime with the terrorist organizations, which he admits today that they are in Syria and Iraq, and they are working on bringing the war into his territory, and he knows by his experience accumulated over a long relationship with them that they have the tools for it. Moreover, they know the weaknesses of his regime, and he hasn't the desire or the will to adopt what may prevent that.

Probably, time is not enough to deliberate in explanation of the factors and reasons that prompted Turkey to this impasse, or it does not need it as it is recognized by everyone previously, including persons from within the same regime itself, trying to present a different approach through statements that are quickly evaporate with the facts and practices on the ground, where the available data to more than one source indicate that Erdogan's relationship with terrorist organizations had not been broken, and not even about to do that, including Nusra and Daesh with their derivatives, but he keeps them to blackmail the US next administration, bargaining in a deal from which he wants to re-float his regime after feeling that he was drowning in a scene that surpasses his ability to endure.

According to this criterion, conviction is rooted that the talk of the President of the Turkish regime like a discoverer of what the whole world knows came late ... It is not due to a desire to turn and to review his position and role, as far as reflecting the state of political circumlocution, which is expressed by forms that are almost rescheduled the Turkish impasse by consuming form with which there is no longer use of the political calmatives that may have been valid for some time, but certainly, they are impossible to continue all the time, especially after the recent developments and bloody messages exchanged by the Turkish regime, with some terrorist organizations.

It is settled that those messages will not remain limited to those reported by the regime, neither to Daesh, much as they are the natural fate to the fate of the relationship with all organizations, including those which he desperately tries to whiten their page, or those he seeks to re-float their existence, both by changing their names or skin, and the coming days will assure the Turkish non-stop complain from the rest of these organizations, and re-licking in the same scene and perhaps the same platform.

Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf